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Cleaning and polishing the car engine. Removing oil layers without causing any damage to the engine, the pipes or the electrical wiring.

  Normal washing Steam washing


Disadvantages of  using washing powder or shampoo appears on the car body. High quality washing and real luster without using chemicals. Exterior cleaning
Normal cleaning Eliminates the bacteria and fungi stuck on the cushions, and sterilizes the car by high temperature produced from the steam Interior cleaning
Causes damages to the engine, it is not recommended to use it Washes engine without causing any damages to the electricity or the engine. Engine washing
Does not clean the air conditioner. Cleans and sterilizes air conditioner vents of from the fungus and removes the AC bad smell. Car AC
Normal cleaning Cleans and polishes Wheel covers and maintain the original color. {0><}0{>Wheel cover (ring)<0}
Uses chemical materials, which negatively affect on the body and paints of the car. Very safe for the car paint and does not affect the body or the paint of the car. Harm to the car
At least an hour inside the city and two hours outside the city From 20 to 25 minutes Washing Time
Does not remove the scratches Removes minor scratches Removing the scratches
Still wet after washing Totally dry after washing Drying the Car
58 gallons per car 0.35 gallons per car Rate of consumpted water
Uses harmful chemicals and chemical cleaning materials Does not use chemicals at all.     Chemicals usage
The Grease and oil left over causes harm to the environment and it is difficult to get rid of it. Uses 100 %  Green materials Harm to environment
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