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Cleaning and polishing the car engine. Removing oil layers without causing any damage to the engine, the pipes or the electrical wiring.


Is the steam safe enough to use on your car’s surface?


: Absolutely. Interior too. If used in accordance with the operator’s manual, the steam produced is safe on all vehicle surfaces.


What is meant by zero waste-water run-off?

  There is no waste water run-off to pollute or contaminate ground water.  When cleaning a vehicle’s surface, the operator follows the steam trail with an absorbant cloth. The cloth picks up the dirt, grime and bug remains and drys quickly, leaving no streak marks. The same process applies to cleaning wheel wells, rims, and the engine compartment, in addition to boat hulls.

Will exterior steam cleaning prevent swirl marks?


No. Swirl marks are caused by everyday wear and abrasive wash practices. However, our steam wash will increase the longevity of your paint job by drastically reducing the time spent scrubbing the surface of your vehicle.

How many cars can the Castine D clean with a full tank of water and fuel?

On average, 8-10 cars can be cleaned with a full tank of water and 30 cars with a full tank of diesel. Numbers will be based on operator’s experience and the size of the vehicle being cleaned.

Are the Castine models mobile?

Yes. The Castine models fit easily onto a truck bed or inside a van.


Are the Castine models difficult to operate?


The Castine models are very easy to use. We provide a training video and an easy to follow and illustrated operator’s manual.


Is the steam dangerous to the skin or body?

  Despite being a safe and easy machine to operate, operators must wear protective gloves when using a steamer.
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